March 19, 2008

Recommended Reading

"Have you ever been at sea in a dense fog, when it seemed as if a tangible white darkness shut you in, and the great ship, tense and anxious, groped her way toward the shore with plummet and sounding-line, and you waited with beating heart for something to happen? I was like that ship before my education began, only I was without compass or sounding-line, and had no way of knowing how near the harbour was."~Helen Keller

Destructive Narcissism
Brown, Nina. The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern
Brown, Nina. Children of the Self-Absorbed
Brown, Nina. Loving the Self-Absorbed
Carter, Jay. Nasty People
Bernstein, Albert. Emotional Vampires
Meir, Paul & Wise, Robert. The Crazy Makers
Jayne, Pamela. Ditch That Jerk!
Bancroft,Lundy. Why Does He Do That?
Chesler, Phyllis. Woman's Inhumanity to Woman 
Dellasega, Cheryl. Mean Girls Grow Up 
Heim, Murphy & Golant. In the Company of Women

Payson, Eleanor. The Wizard of Oz & Other Narcissists

Hotchkiss, Sandy. Why is it Always About YOU?
Ronningstam, Elsa. The Narcissistic Personality
Ronningstam, Elsa. Disorders of Narcissism
Lachkar, Joan. Narcissistic/Borderline Couple
Lachkar, Joan. How to Talk to a Narcissist
Lowen, Alexander. Narcissism: Denial of the True Self
Carter, Steven & Sokol, Julia. Help! I'm in Love With A Narcissist!
Peck, Scott. People of the Lie
Almaas, A.H. The Point of Existence
Schwartz-Salant, Nathan. Narcissism and Character Transformation
Symington, Neville. A Pattern of Madness
Zayn, Cynthia. Narcissistic Lovers
Symington, Neville. Narcissism: A New Theory
Symington, Neville. Narcissism: A New Theory
Solomon, Marion. Narcissism & Intimacy,
Love & Marriage in an Age of Confusion
Pressman, Stephanie Donaldson & Robert. Narcissistic Family: Diagnosis & Treatment

Malignant Narcissism & Psychopathy
Hare, Robert. Without Conscience 
Stout, Martha. The Sociopath Next Door
Vaknin, Sam. Malignant Self-Love
Guggenbuhl-Craig, Adolf. The Emptied Soul: On the nature of the psychopath
Hirigoyen, Marie-France. Stalking the Soul
Cleckley, Hervey. The Mask of Sanity
Meloy, Reid. Violent Attachments
Wolman, Benjamen. Antisocial Behavior
Millon, Simonsen, Davis & Birket-Smith. Psychopathy: Antisocial, Criminal and Violent Behavior
Black, Donald & Larson, Lindon. Bad Boys, Bad Men

Healing & Recovery
Herman, Judith. Trauma & Recovery
Tobias and Lalich. Captive Hearts-Captive Minds
Levine, Peter. Walking the Tiger
Anderson, Susan. The Journey from Abandonment to Healing
Grudermeyer, David; Grudermeyer, Rebecca & Patrick, Lerissa. Sensible Self-Help
Kreger, Randi & Mason, Paul. Stop Walking on Eggshells

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