June 08, 2011

Look Into My Eyes (reading minds test)

"Looook eento my eyes! Come closer, closer-----vut do you seeee?"

I discovered an eye test today. Took it. Aced it. Almost a perfect score, way above average it seems. Guess that means reading people's eyes is another hidden talent to add to my list. It won't do much for my resume but it sure does a lot for my self-esteem. 

Oh, you know how it is when you've misread a rat bazturd's eyes for thirty years, assuming you were seeing love beams in his pupils. Then you find out it was a moat. 

Click the  Title. Take the test. See how well you score. Women are supposedly hard-wired for empathy so we may do better reading emotional nuances. Not many men stick around me for very long or we could compare male and female scores on my blog. ha! That's my life. Gotmy Dad, Got my son. Got my nephew. Got my whole bed to myself.

Some of you may know I absolutely love vampire movies, especially Hammer Films produced in the 1970's. Must have something to do with my age because the people in my house like zombies better: Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, House of the Dead, Resident Evil, Zombieland, movies reminding us of family reunions and shopping with my SISTER. 

A special treat: Dracula 1931

Check out Lugosi's mesmerizing gaze in this brief clip. Can you read his thoughts and feelings through his eyes? If you haven't seen the movie, you can watch it on my other blog: VampIre  Scroll down the list of movies on the sidelinks. You'll find it.  

Hugs all, 


  1. I on the other hand, was not an over-achiever! Hmmm... wonder what that means.

    Quite fascinating actually.

    But then.... I'm auditory. A words and voice and intonation kinda gal!

  2. Interesting missed a few. I liked that they gave the correct answers to compare. I would need more practice to get them all right.

  3. Dear Louise,

    Are you saying that you didn't do very well??? Are you SURE your name is Louise or are you Louis???? Hummm...you sure look like a girl.

    It is a fascinating test. so fascinating I posted it without googling for more information. The website hosting the test was about Autism and linked an Aspergers test.

    Maybe I'll post with more information about what it means when a WOMAN doesn't ACE the Eye Test?! Are you sure you wanna know?


  4. Hi Ruth!

    We are the only three people I know who've taken the test. That means I don't really know how hard it is for people to 'read eyes'.

    It is a curious test though because while taking it, I was SURE my score would be lousy. Some of those eyes were very hard to read.

    Thanks for reading and participating and thank you for commenting!


  5. I scored 31. It didnt surprise me.

  6. I scored a 31. Most of my errors were reading the males eyes. Reading women's eyes are the easiest because I don't have to look through my own lens of distrust as I do with men.



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