July 11, 2012

Conquering Cancer: A Tribute to Susan Murphy Milano

Monday, July 16, 7:00pm
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"Susan Murphy Milano is an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to helping victims of abuse, helping to solve intimate partner homicides, and so much more.  Susan is the host and co-host of several radio shows that address intimate partner crime and victim advocacy; she is the author of "Time's Up", "Defending Our Lives", "Moving Out, Moving On" and "Holding My Hand Through Hell", due to be released in October 2012.

NOW, Susan has been diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer.

On our upcoming July 16th show, several of Susan's friends and colleagues pay tribute to her. Susan is one of the millions of uninsured Americans in need of help to get the treatment she needs. This show has been created to help raise the funds necessary for her medical treatment as well as to lift her up, as it says so much about the beautiful person that she is.  Please show your support by helping us give back to a woman who gives so much of herself to us!"

From the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education

"As a child, Susan witnessed her father, a decorated Chicago Violent crimes Detective, brutally and violently attack her mother repeatedly. The words "If you leave I will kill you" turned into reality in 1989 when Susan walked into her childhood home and found her mother murdered and her father in the next room dead from a self-inflicted gun-shot wound to the head. Since the murder-suicide, Susan has made significant changes in the way the world looks at violence in and outside the home. This quest for justice was instrumental in the passage of the 1993 'Illinois Stalking Law' and the 'Lauternberg Amendment'.

"For the past 23 years, virtually all of Susan's time has been spent assisting or protecting others.  Additionally, Susan is the creator of the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit which provides specific tools and procedures which the abused need to safely leave a violent relationship." ~Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown writes: "Technology is about to change the way victims of domestic violence/ stalking will be able to document through video the prior abuse and future potential threats against their lives. The new technology called an ‘Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit’ will force abusers to think twice about making their partner vanish without a trace. In her absence, the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit will give information that could aid in his arrest and a solid case for prosecutors.

With this technology, in cases that result in murder, the victim’s words through the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit can be admitted into testimony at the trial as a “Last Will and Testament” rather than how it has previously been labeled as “hearsay” carrying little weight in court. The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit will document the victim’s description of the offender’s identity, behavior, and possible motivation for her harm or disappearance."  "Incredible Break Throughs in Victim Safety."

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Several of Susan's friends have gathered to pay tribute to her:

Delilah Jones  - President of Imagine Publicity

Anne Bremner - Seattle Attorney, and one of the Nation's most recognized Legal Analysts  

Burl Barer - True Crime Author and Radio Host

Denny Griffin - True Crime Author and Radio Host

Diane Dimond - Newsweek Investigative Reporter, Journalist and Author, Media Analyst

Diane Fanning - True Crime Author and Crime Novelist, Author of Mommy's Little Girl

Donna Pendergast - First Assistant Attorney General-Criminal Division, Michigan

Dr. Laurie Roth - Syndicated Radio Host, Author and Presidential Candidate

Gayle Crabtree - Founder of Hope For Healing, Org., Advocate and Trainer for Intimate Partner Violence in the Church

Robin Sax - Fox 11 Los Angeles Legal Analyst

Jillian Maas Backman - Intuitive Life Coach, Author of Beyond the Pews  

Neil Schori - Pastor of Naperville Christian Church and Advocate for Victims of Abuse  

Pamela Chapman - Advocate and Transitional Healer from Abusive Relationships  

Holly Hughes - Attorney and Legal Commentator for HLN and CNN

Sandra Brown - CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public  
Pathology Education, Author of Women Who Love Psychopaths and How to Spot a Dangerous Man

Vito Colucci, Jr - Private Investigator, former Undercover Police Officer, Media Analyst, Radio Host

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  1. The changes in the laws since I endured the 18 yr. reign of terror/stalking by PIs etc. have been phenomenal. I am so grateful Susan and others have been tireless advocates for victims and have made monumental changes in the lives of so many.
    The advent of affidavits and other measures came after my late DHs death-no, he was one of the truly "Good Guys"-Psychobitch (biological mother) was the terrorist/stalker. Having the ability to ensure the professionals knew what to look for and where to look should I "disappear" or encounter an "unfortunate accident" was truly a peace of mind issue for me.
    Many thanks to her and the others who may not be able to save lives, but ensure our deaths will not go un-redressed or unquestioned.


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