October 10, 2012

A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted (Miranda July)

"In a kooky outtake from her latest film "The Future", the wonderful and witty Miranda July offers an interesting solution to daily distraction." You can read more about Miranda July here: NOWNESS



  1. Does this mean I shouldn't be watching this? Chuckle

  2. Where do people come up with these ideas?

  3. Ahhhh, the world full of distractions. The question is, distraction from what? Work?
    How do we judge the worthiness of our various distractions? Philosophy is needed here. :-)


  4. Well, I don't know about y'all BUT my attention span has definitely shortened! It's hard to watch Netflix without playing Plants vs. Zombies at the same time. There must be a research project out there somewhere.......

    When she first placed her magazine and phone, etc. by the table legs, I wondered what the ???!!$$## But when the bowls went over the top, trapping each distraction in solitary confinement, it made me laugh out loud! Where DO ideas like that come from???

    It is the mystery and the joy of being human!

    Hugs all,

  5. Hi CZ! Great clip! I also laughed out loud. I must watch it again.

    I'm pondering on what you said, "trapping each distraction in solitary confinement." Is that good or bad for being distracted?

    Also, I have enjoyed your WonCinema a few times lately. I usually fall asleep and don't leave a comment afterward, so I will try to do better next time.

    What a treat to come here on a Sunday morning! Thank you for the thoughtful entertainment :)


    1. Hi dogkisses! I've gotten into some very bad habits with my preferred distractions---playing computer games while watching television with an iPad beeping for incoming emails. Good heavens! What happened to my single-focused dedication to one task at a time??!!

      This may sound drastic because it is actually but I unplugged the wireless booster on the main floor so my bedroom is a totally and completely dead zone (in more ways than one *sigh*). I can't get wi-fi AT ALL now which means my former habits of many years are slowing gaining ground. There's ten books sitting on my nightstand that haven't been read because of GDS: gadget-distraction-syndrome.

      It's FUN to hear that you're using the WoN Cinema! It's an easy way for me to keep track of old movies I'd like to watch. AND, what's really special, is putting my iPad over the kitchen sink (in the windowsill) and watching WoN Cinema movies while doing the dishes and shining counter tops and appliances. It's a miracle to me having grown up when TV was first introduced to the public and we thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Nothing could get better than black and white cowboy shows every afternoon and cartoons on Saturday morning!



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