July 08, 2009

Recover Your Joy

Grandmother's Garden by Claude Strachen, early 1900's

A friend from my trauma days commented on my entry, An Odd Blog, writing, "I get angry on those days when I come to your blog, again, and then again, and find you haven't written in awhile. Like what's with that?"
Well, what's with that my friend, is this:

Spring. Summer. Plants. Trees. Flowers. Manure. Lots of it.

Trowels. Shovels. Pruning. Nurseries. Wicked hot days. Lots of them.

Sunscreen. Straw hats. Garden hoses. Ice tea. Lemonade. Lots of it.

Garden gates. Retaining walls. Wheelbarrows. Pick axes. Ground covers. Roses. Sprinkler systems. Drip systems. Hanging baskets. Trellises. Weeping trees. ChokeCherries. Crabapples. Urns, Sunburns, and Earthy Worms. Sore feet. Creaky knees. Broken nails. Dirty socks. Birkenstocks. Lousy hair. Wrinkled skin. Aching joints. Stiff muscles. Screaming cramps. Angry Blisters. Searing headaches. Pollen allergies. Severe dehydration. Joy. Sheer joy.

Lots of it.

Big hugs!
Lots of 'em.
Just don't stand downwind.


* * *
M.L. Gallagher included a special YouTube link with her comment that I'd like to pass on to readers. This video clip might bring tears to your eyes, especially if you've been following the work Louise has committed herself to doing for the homeless. You can read the wonderful essays she's written on her blog, Recover Your Joy.

Congratulations on an inspirational project, Louise! I watched the video with my nephew and he was thrilled. I promise to tell you all about his work with the homeless this winter and how it impacted his life.

"Stand By Me" Calgary Drop-In" 

Homeless musicians from the DI and Calgary musicians stand together in this spirited rendition of Ben E. King's Stand by Me


  1. not down wind??? why those socks smell that bad? ;)

    as for the video, rock out Tobi!!! woohoo!

    nice, thanks for that

    We made a couple similar recording at my school that got played on the local radio station all through the Christmas season. Brought tears to my eyes!

    Love all that stuff :) The magic is its as much a treat for those who watch/listen as it was for the folks who make them.

  2. I started to comment on gardening, but then backtracked to watch the video. Oh, the power of music! This also reminded me that the one thing you can't count on a person with NPD to do, is to stand by you. It makes you realize how important it is to have people in your life who will. Thanks.

  3. CZ my friend of the many things to do -- how do you do it all?

    Oh my -- I actually planted plants in my garden this year -- flowering ones. And... they've survived. Though I still have some in those little tiny pots they come in. Must get them into the earth before the first frost!

    Thanks so much for posting the link -- the power of that video keeps moving people -- to tears, to speak up and out and against poverty. It is continuing to move hearts and minds to look at the world through different eyes and to see that when we stand together -- we are strong!

    And yup -- someone with NPD will not Stand by You -- no matter how hard you stamp your foot, sing out or even hit them over the head. They just can't do it!

    Love you CZ -- you are awesome!



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