September 07, 2010

Some days, all you can do is cry

"In shocking video taken by a Columbus Dispatch reporter Doral Chenowith, Tea Party protestors mock a seated counter-protestor with a sign indicating he has Parkinson's disease. They then proceed to hurl wadded up bills at him shouting, "I'll decide when to give you money!" " ~Link

Who is this man? A former nuclear engineer with a doctorate from Cornell.

All you can do some days, is cry...and pray for a universal mental healthcare plan.




  1. Oh my.

    I am speechless.

    And sad.

    and your 'tags' say it all.


  2. Absolutely Horrible. Why all the hatred? Why can't people just respectfully disagree w/one another? Where is the humanity? Do you see that man carrying a little infant? Who in their right mind takes a little infant into all that chaos? It is Child Endangerment on so many levels.

  3. It is tragic. And as a resident of a country with "socialized medicine" it is so baffling in so many ways.

    There is an ugly turn in politics these days that is frightening to me.

  4. Did you see the man on the left with a baby in his arms? He is one of the 'witnesses' of this embarrasing scene... he doesn't really know what to do, so he is just tapping the baby on its little butt. Looking stupid.

    This is narcissism in its core: "to kick someone when he's down". Adding insult to injury. Vulnerability is to a Narc what blood is to a shark. It makes me sick to watch this.

  5. I have seen the power of group think up close -- in a conservative context -- and there is no greater danger to humanity than when you think God is only on your side.

  6. I can just imagine what they're sayin' NOW...that we at least have a START on a basic human right: Universal Health Care. How nice you have physicians in your family. How nice you have Private Insurance that you're "Paying Up The Wazoo For" but at least you can find some health care professional who will accept it. How nice you can even AFFORD to purchase it to begin with. How nice to be living in a country that has health care "out-comes" that place the US just above Costa Rica despite all the money that's being paid to procure it if you even can.
    And how nice you want the government out of your life "COMPLETELY" but....not so sure about your Social Security benefits. Perhaps you would "invest" your "savings" with "Uncle Bernie." Somehow, I doubt he'd even consider you as a "client." But maybe another "Respectable" Wall Street Brokerage Firm/Financial Institution will be more than happy to take your hard-earned savings and invest them in something called "Derivatives." You don't know what that means, but you sure would now. And I bet you'd be the first one screaming "Where WAS the Government/Government Regulators!" when all that went down. Gutted. I doubt you'd ever figure out it started with the "Regan Revolution."
    And we in the US, sad to say have no concept of our own recent history never mind the historical roots of any of these "Government Programs," why they started or why you will always be struggling due to our politicized structural economy. The Great Depression? The Dust Bowl? The Fed Reserve? The "Bail Outs" that started with George Dubya? You don't vote citing, "The Electoral College" but haven't a clue what that actually means or how THAT came about. Please continue to contribute to the dismal turn-out at our elections... the type of elections that despite the super-PACS etc. people are literally dying to have all over this globe.
    But you believe Glenn Beck. And the looong arm of Rupert Murdock. A sound bite suffices for "knowledge." Oh, and those wars-just the two recent ones? Remember how THEY got started? Do you even KNOW they're continuing? And when the World Trade Centers evaporated, a plane crashed in a Pa. field, the Pentagon went up in flames? George Dubya could have had any damn thing he wanted from the American people and people throughout the globe. He could have suggested War Bonds to help defray the "costs" instead of telling us all to "Go Shopping" while no-bid cost-plus contracts were set loose along with the devastation and still unknown human costs to those other human beings, the citizens of another country who just happened to have the unfortunate luck to live on top of a bunch of oil. The dead people on both "sides" of these wars have families. The VA can't handle our veterans. But if you want some REAL "info?" Ask any vet who has been deployed, deployed, deployed. And are now being discharged, discharged, discharged with bad paper. Just as we did to Vietnam Vets as the war was winding down there as well. Yes, I know they "signed up." But the military has many ways of "ridding" themselves proactively of the costs down the line.
    If you didn't watch it on some US channel, read it (god forbid) in some US "Publication" or Social Networking site it didn't happen and it's not happening now.
    Wave your flag. Sing the praises of The Good Old Days that in fact, weren't. But you "got yours" and if people are poor, disabled, elderly, with out health insurance that's their own damn fault.
    And that's all the news from "Lake Woe-Is-Me," due to a communist/socialist/terrorist who's sitting in the Oval Office.
    Tundra Woman

    1. Two years later and these videos are just as appalling as they were in 2010. You have to put on armor to even browse the Internet these days. You think you've seen it all, but NOOOOOOOOOO. You haven't!

      The polarization in the USA is overwhelming. I'm not sure how we're gonna deal with it. Entire families are breaking up over political views...kinda like the Civil War, don't ya think?



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