May 05, 2011

Just to let everyone know...

I am finally *gasp* cleaning up this atrocious blog of mine. It might look like a royal mess for awhile. The Narcissistic Continuum needs a serious remodel and that’s what it’s gonna get this week. 

I also have two other sites you might enjoy but yes, they're a bit strange. Your opinion on their strangeness depends on whether you like old movies and fairies...or not.

The WoN Cinema
The first site is called The WoN Cinema Presents: Ns and Ps and Cluster Bs. It's connected to our message board so if you watch one of the feature films starring Narcissists, or Psychopaths, or Cluster B personality disorders, you can comment on an attached thread. We just opened the doors last week so we don't have very many movies in the theater but I'll be adding to the list each week. Check out this short film: Charlie Chaplin: Smile  (4:40)

The WoN Cinema is a 'just for fun' website that allowed me to play on Photoshop (always a relief for pent-up frustrations. When it comes to Photoshop, my family knows it's ME time and they enter the room very very respectfully. haha!!) Depending on your computer, you may not see the full version of the WoN Cinema which is a shame 'cuz it's precious and has a Victorian opera theater background. I have a huge monitor with high resolution but always try out other computers to make sure people have a 'reasonable' view of the website.

This site was created for people who need 'escape' from the daily frustration (or trauma) everyone goes through with narcissists. I have loved and still love fairy tales for many reasons which I've written about on the website. It's titled WoNderLaNd after the Web of Narcissism's acronym: WoN. This website features inspirational films, poetry and images. I hope to update it weekly but at this point, a new post is added...once in a while. 

So this week, I'm cleaning up The Narcissistic Continuum and will be deleting some of the essays listed on my sidelinks. Please bear with me and Thank You for reading my blog. You have no idea (maybe you do!) how important your validation has been the past few years. 

Love to all,


  1. Well your site looks pretty to me. I'm so happy to hear you are up and running and very excited about your new sites!!!

    I wish I knew how to do all this on a computer. Do you think your son could come to the US. I couldn't feed him like you could but there are nice restaurants around. (hehe)

    Bless you for all your hard work CZ! You rock.

  2. You are so kind, dogkisses! Thanks for cheering me forward! My knowledge about creating websites has grown leaps and bounds since the first message typed on my keyboard in 2002. (I didn't even know how to type at that point).

    So ya see? Even old dogs can learn new tricks. ha!

    The blog transition went smoother than predicted, changing backgrounds and images and links. There's editing to be done on essays but at least the colors look good! Who's worried about content? Just keep the colors from clashing with images. This woman knows how to set her priorities!

    It's been a great blessing to have a son who's a computer (game) programmer. I have to reign his artistic instincts back---otherwise, my blog would be covered with Chewbaccas and Darth Vadars and Galactic backgrounds. ROFL!

    Big hugs,

    You Rock Too!



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