April 10, 2011

O yea...need I say anything more?

Iris DeMent is one of my very favorite singers and like my other very favorite singers, she’s not nearly as famous as she oughta be. If talent were equal to fame, which it's not. Anyway, I was googling around looking for another of DeMent's songs called “Let the Mystery Be” and also found this one, "God May Forgive you But I Won't". What a thrill to find both songs on YouTube ‘cuz all I have is my old CD and unless you’re sitting in my office, you won’t be able to hear her great voice and her powerful songwriting. 

Ten or fifteen years ago, I predicted she’d skyrocket to the top of the music industry but she hasn't done that, just like my other favorite singer: Ferron. So this morning, I had my nephew listen to this song by Iris DeMent. He reciprocated the favor by forcing me to listen to a band called Apocolypse playing Metallica music on cellos. Not bad. Not as good as Iris DeMent---but my ears aren’t bleeding so that’s saying something. Hope everyone enjoys this song as much as I did, do, and will. For years to come. 

God May Forgive You 
by Iris DeMent 

You say that you're born again
cleansed of your former sins
You want me to say "I forgive and forget"
But you've done too much to me
Don't you be touching me,
go back and touch all those women you've met

'cause God may forgive you, but I won't
Yes, Jesus loves you, but I don't
They don't have to live with you and neither do I
You say that you're born again, well so am I
God may forgive you, but I won't
and I won't even try

Well, the kids had to cry for you
I had to try to do
things that the Dad should do
since you've been gone
Well, you really let us down
You may be Heaven 'bound
but you've left one hell of a mess here at home
and I won't even try.


  1. Okay -- this song is BRILLIANT!!!!

    Love it!

    thanks for the smiles this morning.

  2. I love Iris too. Here's another brilliant song on the same theme, by Sarah Hawker (with rather strange visuals).


  3. Oh, Thank you for this wonderful treat! I've never heard her before but this song totally rocks!!! I love it. My son is cooking and he just said hey, play that song again, (laughed a little)I like that one. So I will.

    Also, I love what Soaring Dove Letting Go said. Every single word! Beautiful and True! Thank you.


  4. This song was not written by Iris DeMent...it was written by Harlan Howard and Bobby Braddock for Rosie Flores and is on her 1996 Rounder "Rosie Flores - Honky Tonk Reprise" CD.


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